Important Dates and Information to Remember

If you want to get involved with the Beyond Disability Network here are some dates you need to know and information to keep in mind.

Next Meetings for Partnership Council Members:

The Last Tuesday of the Month from 1-3 pm

2021 Dates

• January 26, 2021, March 30, 2021, May 25, 2021, AGM – June 29, 2021, October 26, 2021

If you are an charitable, not-for-profit or volunteer group that might be a good fit for our mission of enhancing the quality of life for persons with a chronic disability, please consider joining us. If you would like to be added or deleted from the Partnership Council Distribution List please email or call 519-991-0508.

Next Meetings for Board of Directors:

The Last Tuesday of the Month from 1- 3 pm

2021 Dates

February 23, 2021, April 27, 2021, AGM – June 29, 2021, September 28, 2021, November 30, 2021